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We provide 3 options of property services with facilities management (save up to 50% on costs) asset management (high level service) and property management (3 months free offer). We understand that every property and client requires a different approach, and we adapt and promote these three management services based on the needs of our client and the level of involvement and service you require.

Whether you own one investment property or several, the performance of your investment portfolio is important and it is the purpose behind the Omni Property Qld team making a long-term commitment to our clients. We treat your investments just like we treat our own, we use the same approach, the same care and mostly the same consideration to financial decisions.  We know that every dollar spent without consideration affects your bottom line, your investment and your future.

Our approach to managing what could possibly be one of your largest assets, if not the largest, is as much about helping you create wealth as it is about collecting rent and managing the day to day maintenance of your property.

Good Property Management is About Understanding Your Needs...

  • We know that as a property investor your bottom line is your main source of investment growth. Even if your equity grows you still need to be able to pay the mortgage every week. We treat your property as an investment and don’t just take the typical ‘rent collection and maintenance’ approach. By pro-actively reviewing your portfolio, you will ensure you are staying on track with your goals
  • We know that even a short vacancy can make a big difference to your investment return. We help you reach your goals through an annual portfolio review to ensure you’re on the road to reaching your investment objectives and do free rental reviews every year to maximise your rental income.
  • We know the stress and financial damage that a poor tenant can cause you. We help you avoid those problems by performing detailed, face-to-face tenant screening, TICA compliance and competent inspection reports.
  • We know that unnecessary or frivolous expenses can affect your return in major ways. We constantly control the pricing of the subcontractors we send to do maintenance and ensure insurance, trade and liability compliance.
  • We know that every dollar saved makes a difference to your investment. We treat your money like we treat our own.
  • We know you need to create equity in your property so you can invest further. We offer value for money refurbishments and décor evaluations.  WITH FREE QUOTING.
  • We know you need to know that the advice you’re being given about your investment property is reliable and trustworthy. That is why you get personal service through a dedicated Property Asset Manager, who is a firm Principal or Senior Property Manager (not the office junior) and who is personally responsible for your property.  You won’t constantly be talking to new managers and trying to get them up to speed with your personal situation
  • We know you want your investment to be worry – free and profitable. We keep you up-to-date through three or four property inspections per year with photographs.  Video and written reports are also available.
  • We know that you just want everything to be sorted so that your investment property is one less thing you need to deal with. We give you the peace of mind that we hold complete accountable for your property portfolio.  Small details are dealt with in the same professional way as large details. You will never have to chase us up in regards to your queries
  • We know you want good and honest communication.
  • And finally we know that we keep our promises so there are no termination clauses or get out costs in our contracts.

We understand that every property and client requires a different approach, and we adapt and promote these three management services based on the needs of our client.