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Why Choose Omni Investment Management?

Save up to 60%p.a in fees with our facility management or 3 months free with Property Management.

One of the key benefits of working with Omni Properties is that as an independent company, we have more flexibility than the average asset or property management firm. We constantly update our contacts to find and outsource the most profit effective services to maintain and add value to your property, without compromising on quality.  We all personally invest in the real estate market and are a hands-on business so we know what matters.

All traditional agencies do the normal tasks such as marketing a property, finding tenants, logging payments, doing inspections, bond lodgement and resolving disputes but at Omni property we focus on your needs as an investor and this is why we provide specialized services over 3 different levels.  Asset Management. Property Management. Facility Management.

Because the owners of the company are also your property managers, you are provided with continuity, consistency and reliability so if you’ve had enough of mediocre service and you’re ready to enjoy a totally different and significantly different property management experience take advantage of our limited time offer to trial our service for FREE for 3 MONTHS on standard Property Management or save up to 60% in management fees with our facility management.

Every business tells you how good they are – that they are the best and you should give them your trust and money but we are saying, do the opposite and let us allow you to evaluate our service before you invest a cent.

There are no tricks to this offer - no ‘get out’ penalty either in time or cost. If you want to leave after the 3 month free trial there is no cost or time limit – you can leave immediately and pay no charges - we just need notice at the end of the second month.

Traditional property management is done by traditional real estate agencies whose core business and main focus is selling properties, not managing them and the bottom-line is that you cannot provide a quality property management service if you do not focus 100% on your main priority. We know this from experience. We believe that anything short of a specialist property management team could compromise the quality of management.

Every week, I speak with property owners who are not satisfied with the performance of their current property manager.



This is the traditional and standard Property Management Package

  • 8.5% of weekly rental which is all management and standard real estate rental expenses
  • Admin fee – $10 per month
  • Quarterly monthly inspections come with free photographic evidence.
  • New Lease - 1 weeks rent (this includes TICA search for new tenant/bond lodgement and entry condition report with photos)
  • Inspection Report - FOC
  • TICA check - FOC
  • Lease renewal fee – 55% of one week’s rent - no charge if they go onto a periodic.
  • Tribunal hearing fees – $110 p/hour
  • EOY Financial Statement Cost (about $30-50) FOC
  • Advertising for new tenant - cost price - this is FOC on our website and Other forms such as the Cairns Post or alternative will be at cost + 5%.
  • Insurance Claims - $110 per claim
  • Smoke Alarm Compliance - $75 per annum.
  • We do a Free Rental Review every year to ensure you are getting the best return from your investment.



This option is for the more hands-on landlord and is a cost effective level of service for those who can commit to some management of their investment properties. Omni Property can supply an investor with a user pays system with different levels of service on a ‘pay for service’ basis.
This option is a wonderful alternative if you already have a tenant and can manage the payments yourself.
All services will be tax invoiced to claim against your investment property and all prices quoted include GST.

Letting Service: 2 weeks rent
Entry Condition Report with photographic evidence
Advertising the property for rent on our website

Show property to prospective tenants and revive applications

TICA check on applicants

Lease Preparation and Bond Lodgement

Advertising in Newspaper or media of your choice – Cost + 5%
Periodic Inspections (usually 4 monthly) $88.00 each with photographs
Periodic Inspections with videos $121.00 each
Exit Condition Report with photographic evidence $121.00 (this includes any secondary inspections required)
Smoke Alarm Compliance - $82.50 per annum.
Entry Notice- $5.50 (unless for a periodic inspection)
Remedy to Breach - $11.00 each
Notice to Leave - $11.00 each
Court costs – $110.00/day
Insurance Claims (if we deal with them) $110.00/claim
Building inspection by a licensed builder with written report - $395.00
Quantity Surveyor Report - Advised on Application

We also offer a service to manage your rental income for short term agreements – for example when you are traveling or holidaying.

Example of the savings we offer based on a House renting for $400.00 per week:

12 month tenancy which includes FOC Advertising, an Entry Report and 3 Periodic Inspections Total = $1125.00
Let Fee $440.00 (First weeks rent plus GST)
Rent Collection over 12 months based $1944.80.00 (8.5% including GST)
Account keeping fee 12 months at $120.00 ($10.00 per month) = Total $2504.80

That’s less than half the price!!! 

So whether you’re a professional investor, just dipping your toes into the property market for the first time, or even if you’re a home owner moving away from your family home and need someone to look after it until your return; you’ve come to the right place. Please fill out our online Facility Management Form and email or fax it back to us. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours.



Asset management is a pro-active approach to maximizing the returns from your investment properties in order to achieve your goals. Our unique Annual Portfolio Review involves assessing the performance of your property portfolio against your goals, reviewing your lending arrangements and providing recommendations for improvements or divestment.

  • 10% (5% commission and 5% management fees) of weekly rent includes all the Property Management Package as well as:
  • On the settlement anniversary date each year, your Property Asset Manager will provide rent and property appraisals for all properties under our management. We'll assess your portfolio provided it’s in line with your investment goals and objectives, in conjunction with our finance team to determine if there is available equity for further property purchases
  • We co-ordinate Quantity Surveyor reports in order to maximize your tax depreciation
  • Videotaped inspections 3 monthly
  • We use a Licensed Builder to inspect your property initially to validate any future insurance claims.
  • A routine property inspection when a landlord takes out insurance cover can determine whether a future landlord insurance claim is paid and/or the amount that is paid. We do a thorough inspection to establish the condition of the property and a complete inventory including all household items including serial numbers to substantiate any future insurance claims.
  • If a rental property is damaged and an inspection has not been carried out at the time insurance cover was placed – or the inspection has not been appropriately documented – it may be difficult to prove when the damage occurred and this, in turn, could jeopardize a landlord insurance claim.  A full property inspection shows that a property was in good condition when the landlord’s insurance cover was placed.
  • We do annual reports on properties evaluating for possible investment.