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Your Guide to Renting

Once your application has been accepted for a property we will make a time for you to come and sign the lease. In order to secure the property we require all individuals who will be on the lease to visit us at our office within 24-48 hours of being approved.

When you sign the lease with us we will carefully explain the details of the lease including your expectations and obligations. During this process we will need to explain all your tenancy details thoroughly so please allow approx 45 minutes for your tenancy lease signing.

We will also explain our policy for late rent payment, the bond lodgement process, what to do for emergency repairs and help to arrange payment methods through our EFT payment system.

When you sign the lease you are also required to pay two weeks rent in advance and the agreed bond amount (usually the equivalent of four weeks rent).

Please make all Bank Cheques/Money Orders out to Omni Property Qld. (need to check this is what we get.)

Bond : A rental bond is a sum of money that tenants are required to pay to cover any unforeseen problems. This can cover unpaid rent, damage to property by tenants and cleaning should the property be left in an unsatisfactory condition.

A bond is usually four weeks rent but this can vary in some instances.  We will let you know the amount prior to signing your lease.

When paying your bond for a property, you must have the correct amount in the form of a separate money order or bank cheque.

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) will post you a bond receipt to the address on the bond lodgement form. This money is held by the RTA for the entirety of the tenancy and released, or reallocated upon vacating.

If the agent and tenant agree on the bond to be refunded, they will together submit a bond refund request form to the RTA. Once this is complete, you will be refunded the agreed amount as directed by the form. This is typically processed inside of 14 days. If the tenant and agent disagree on the return of the bond, you may file a dispute to the RTA with 14 days of the initial claim. If the claim by the property owner is more than the bond paid, you may be ordered to pay the extra amount.

Utility Connections - Getting Connected  

It is your responsibility to ensure power, gas, phone and internet has been connected into your name. You may also be required to get your water supply connected into your name depending on whether the property is deemed water efficient.

Below is a list of………

Be sure to update your address where necessary. This might include; Queensland Department of Transport for your licence, banks, superannuation funds, schools, work and so forth.

Please also ensure you advise us of your new home phone number and PO Box if applicable. 

Property Condition Report

Please ensure you return your signed/amended copy of your property condition report to us within 3 days of the tenancy start date. This document is very important and is where you log any defects in the property and is used to assess the condition when you begin your tenancy and compared to the condition when you leave.  If the PCR is not returned the original inspection will be used for end of tenancy comparison, regardless of whether you agree to the original report or not.

Tenant Contents Insurance

It is important to note that should your household goods become damaged or destroyed by circumstances affecting the owner’s property (i.e. fire, storm damage, power outages, etc), then your goods and possessions are not insured by the owner’s insurance and it is worth insuring your goods separately.  We can suggest a good brokerage firm that will supply a quality tenants contents insurance which should cover the below examples.  You need to ensure that all your goods are adequately insured as neither Omni Property nor the property owner will be liable for damaged or destroyed tenant possessions.

Example: An electrical fault in the building starts a fire and the property and all your goods inside is destroyed/ a cyclone blows a tree onto the house or causes a flood damaging your goods.  Your possessions will not be covered by the owner’s insurance in these cases.